Ming Mang Mong Game

Ming Mang Mong - Social Emotional Learning Activity

Description: pay attention, remember the rules, and be alert and respond at your turn. 

Activity output: to develop attention 

Key SEL skill    Self-management 

                               Self-Awareness- recognizing strengthens, self confidence & efficacy 

                               Self- Management- self discipline, self motivation, goal setting, organizational skills 

                                Responsible Decision Making


Time required: 10 minutes (flexible)

Space required: an adequate space for children to form a big circle.

Resources: No resources or preparation are required.

Arrangement: Have all children stand in one big circle.

How to do:

  1. Limit the boundary – the activity should be played within a confined circle.
  2. Ask one child to start the activity by pointing clearly at another child and say – "Ming!"
  3. The child who was pointed as "Ming!" must point at another child in the circle and say "Mang!"
  4. The child who was pointed as "Mang!" should look and point at someone else in the circle and say "Mong!"
  5. The child who was pointed as "Mong!" will point to another child saying "Ming!"

Tip Encourage the children to point very clearly at someone.

  1. Do the ‘Ming-Mang-Mong’

Tip: Start at a slow pace and then keep increasing the speed.

  1. Whoever misses their turn or makes a mistake must raise both their hands and say, say "Ming-Mang-Mong’- I will make it correct!" and sit down in their place.
  2. Play until 5 children are left standing. Have everyone clap for them.

In the end, ask the children: "Was it easy to point to each other and say Ming Mang Mong? "How come some kids missed the naming—for example, Mang instead of Mong?" Share the message of the activity: "In this activity, you practiced how to remember the rules, focus your attention, and be alert to respond correctly. These skills sharpen your brains and make you better learners.

Decision-making is a life-long activity. If you don’t get good at it, it can lead to regrets later in life. In this game, you have to decide quickly. To decide faster, limit your options. In real life, you have to make so many decisions. Some you make for yourself. Some you make for other people. Playing this game, you will find why quick decision-making is probably one of the most important abilities to have in our fast-paced world. Decision-making involves critical thinking and self-discipline. It also means knowing how to extrapolate the effects of that decision on others.

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