The Giant and the Dwarf Game

The Giant and the Dwarf - Social Emotional Learning Activity 

Description: Standing and sitting like a giant and a dwarf

Activity output: Mind-body coordination

Key SEL skill: Self-management

SA- Self-confidence and self-efficacy

SM- Impulse control, self-discipline, self-motivation, and organization skills, Mindfulness

Time Required : 5-10 minutes

Preparation: none

Space Required : No special place is needed; students can stand up at their place in the classroom.

How to do:

  1. Tell the students that they must follow your instructions and that they must listen to you.
  2. Ask them to stand up and raise their hands (as giants) when you say "giant." Then to squat with their hands clenched when you say "dwarfs."
  3. You start the activity and say the words "giant" and "dwarf" in a sequence a few times, and then say the two words randomly (e.g., "dwarf," "giant, dwarf," "giant, dwarf," etc.). Increase the frequency as well.
  4. Children who do not follow the instructions mindfully should be asked to stop doing the activity. Let them stand without moving. You may do a second round for about a minute. But before the next round, the teacher should have a dialogue with the children, asking: "Why was it that some of you could not follow the instructions accurately?." Then encourage the children that, in the next round, they should all listen well and act accurately.
  5. End with all clapping together, appreciating themselves.  
    In the end, ask the children: "Why was it that some could not do the activity accurately?" Pass on the message: "You must be mindful about the instructions and act accordingly. "With such mindfulness, we may achieve our targets." The mind is a great tool for problem-solving, but it’s not great at settling down and being with what is. Most of the time, the mind is wandering around in the past or the future rather than in the present. Mindfulness is the practice of gently focusing your awareness on the present moment over and over again Like in this game, when we are living in a society, being aware and mindful of what is happening around us may lead to a more developed society.

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