Fireball and Water Ball Activity

 Fireball and Water Ball - Social Emotional Learning Activity 

Description: Being mindful, move the fire ball in the air and roll the water ball on the ground.

Activity output: Improving mind-body coordination

Key SEL skill:    Self-Management- self-discipline, self-motivation, goal-setting, organizational skills
                            Self-Awareness- recognizing strength, self-confidence, and efficacy 
                            SOA- respect for others 
                            Relationship Building- Communication, relationship building, and teamwork
                            Responsible Decision Making 

Time required : 30 minutes (flexible)

Space required : An adequate space for children to form a big circle

Resources: Two same-sized balls in two colors (fireball in red or orange, and a water ball in blue).

Preparation: If two different types of balls are not available, you can make them out of large pieces of paper. 

Arrangement: Make the children form a big circle.

Tip > This activity can be played sitting or standing, whichever is preferable.

How to do:

  1. Choose one ball to be the "fireball" and the other to be the "water ball."
  2. Explain to children that the fireball must always be thrown and the water ball must always be rolled on the ground.
  3. Give the balls to two children in the group.
  4. The child with the fireball must throw it to someone else, who will catch it and throw it to someone else.
  5. The child with the water ball must roll it to someone else, who will trap it in their hands and roll it to someone else.
  6. If a child rolls the fireball or throws the water ball, then they are out of the activity and must sit down.

Tip: As the activity progresses, ask children to increase the speed.

7. When five children are left standing, end the activity. Have everyone else clap for them.

    In the end, ask the children: "Why did some make mistakes with the ball?" Share the message of the activity: "In this activity, you must keep some rules in mind: to throw the fireball and roll the water ball. It became more and more difficult to remember this as the speed of the activity increased. "Having this experience may help you engage in multiple tasks simultaneously." Why have you mistakenly thrown the water ball or rolled the fire ball? because you were not focused on the task when you were doing it repeatedly and quickly. You lost the game because of your lack of mindfulness toward the rules. Like in this game, when we are living in society, mindfulness is much more important, because if we don’t, we may have to face many difficulties and problems. And also, you sat down once you lost the game and clapped for others who had won the game. Likewise, when we are living in society, we have to respect others and be happy for others' victories and achievements as well.


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