Crossing the Bog on Steppingstones SEL Activity

 Crossing the Bog on Steppingstones

    Crossing the Bog on Steppingstones is another great Social Emotional Learning activity to do in the classroom. From this activity kids will practice and develop their self management skills as well as the self awareness and relationship building skills. And most importantly this activity will also help them to learn about teamwork and responsible sharing. 

SEL Activities- Crossing the Bog on Steppingstones

Description: Waling over steppingstones to cross a bog 

Activity output: To learn teamwork

Key SEL skill(s) targeted: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills

Time:  30 minutes

Space: An open space (school ground, a hall, or an empty classroom)

Resources:  Some steppingstones (paper plates, carpet squares, pieces of cardboard, etc.) as per the number of children, 2 ropes, masking tape or chalk (to draw on the floor) the boundaries of two sides .

How to do the Crossing the Bog on Steppingstones

  1. Make 4 or 5 groups of children, with 5 to 7 in each.
  2. Instruct the children: as a group, the entire team must cross from one side of the room to the other without stepping foot in the muddy bog but keeping their feet on the steppingstones.
  3. Place a rope across one side of the room. Place another rope on the other side of the room, about 30 feet apart.
  4. Separate the groups. Place teams behind one side of a rope. Give each participant a stepping stone.
  5. When you say "go," the teams must start crossing the "bog" by using the stepping stones. The members of the team should always be connected—by holding hands, placing a hand on the shoulders, etc.
  6. If a participant steps off the stepping stone, disconnects with other team members, or falls into the bog, the participant must go and join the back end of the line.
  7. The stepping stones must be in contact with the children, and all should be collected and kept at the other side after use. If a steppingstone is disconnecting (i.e., no one is placing their feet on it or making any type of contact with a child), that steppingstone should be removed.
  8. The team that crosses the bog first with the above conditions will win the activity.

Share the message: "There are tasks that we need to complete as a team." The abilities among the team members will affect the outcome of the team effort. As a result, all members should put forth their best effort to meet goals. Secondly, the stepping stones are the "helping hands," so you should not forget them after you obtain their help. "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." Great things are rarely achieved by just one person. Usually, they are accomplished by a group of people, and when everyone is committed to the overall goal, teams move faster, are more innovative, and are more successful. Teamwork helps build strong bonds. You will learn about each other, developing a better understanding of individual strengths, weaknesses, and personal traits.

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