Red Light, Green Light Game SEL Activity

Red Light, Green Light - Social Emotional Learning Activity

Description: Regulate walking to a speed at which they can stop immediately

Activity output: develop coordination 

Key SEL skills: Self-management and Relationship Skills 

SA- recognizing strnthens, self confidnece & efficacy 

SM- Impulse control, self discipline, self motivation, goal setting, organizational skills 



Time: 20 minutes (flexible)

Space: A large open space

Resources: Red and green colored papers/white paper, green and red colored paint, scissors

Preparation: Make green and a red card with a minimum size of 12 cm x 6 cm.

Arrangement: Make children stand in a straight horizontal line. You should stand vertically opposite the students, about 20 meters away.

How to do:

1. Tell students that when you hold up the green card, they must start walking. And, when you hold up the red card it means they must stop immediately - they must not make a single step after the red card is held up. 

2. Play the activity until all (or most) children can regulate their walking to a speed at which they can stop immediately.

3. Play a second round with the same rules but ask children to hop instead of walking.

4. If you want to make the activity competitive, you can add a finish line at the opposite end from where the children start, and all the children who manage to cross the line without stepping when there is red card shown, become winners. But if a child makes a wrong step, allow him/her to start from the beginning without eliminating him/her. 

5. In the end, ask the children “Why was it that some of you could do this activity as per the red and green card but some others made mistakes?” Share the message of the activity: “In this activity, you had to focus all your thoughts on controlling your walking speed according to the card. You practiced thinking skills which helped you control your thoughts and your body and which helped you focus better. Without concerning about what others do or their speeds, we must concentrate on what we do and complete it. 

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